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Welcome to SwifTDataPage

I'm a heavy proponent of automation so I'll probably create a few scripts/tools that help me automate (or optimize) stuff. When such tools are created, I'll add them to this page.


The following tools are small programs (not shell scripts).

hex2passwd - A hash to password encoder

Lock hex2passwd is a simple tool that converts a hash output (from other tools such as md5sum or sha1sum) to a password using a character mapping table.

cvechecker - Verify installed software against existing CVE entries

The cvechecker application will try to match installed software on your system against the online database of potential vulnerabilities (CVEs).

Scripts and Interpreted Stuff

The following tools are scripts and other interpreted things (like XML/XSL stuff).

Taskviewer - An extremely simple task management site

Checklist taskviewer is an extremely simple site that helps you manage all your own projects and tasks. I use it to keep track of which tasks can start the moment a particular event (like server staging) has occurred.

Quizzer - JavaScript based online quiz application

Quiz quizzer is an HTML/XSL/JavaScript combination that allows you to create simple quiz questions in a structured manner. It supports single-choice, multiple choice and string (regular expression). The string support also allows for multiple answers or "single-answer-multiple-valid".