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If you have a few projects to participate in, you shouldn't have any difficulties tracking all your work. However, what when you participate in more than a dozen projects, have almost a hundred tasks but can only start the majority of these tasks when a particular event occurs (or other task finishes)?

I have this problem quite frequently, so I wrote a simple XSL/XML/HTML fileset where I can keep track of:

  • the events where I am waiting for
  • the projects I participate in
  • the tasks I have

Every task can have dependencies:

  • another task
  • an event

The XSL/XML/HTML fileset also allows you to see what tasks depend on a particular event.

You can download the fileset together with a few example entries, or view the example immediately.

Another advantage of the fileset is that you only need Firefox / Internet Explorer to run it - no need for additional libraries such as XSL parsers or scripting languages. Also, you don't need to run it from a web server - you can load it in your browser from your local disk.